about us

famousmales was started in the late 1990s. At the time there was already websites dedicated to specific male celebs but no sites that brought all your favourite male celeb pictures together in one place.

We started with a footballer gallery on some free Virgin.net webspace - simply called 'Studs'. After a while this was expanded to all sportsmen and eventually to all male celebs of sport, tv, movies and music. The name changed to 'Lads Network' and then abbreviated to LADSNET. In 2001 we had a major rebrand and launched "famousmales" with this gallery site and a much bigger forums to match.
Today famousmales is one of the world's leading male celebrity websites with arguably the world's number one male celebrity message board - fmforums.co.uk.

We have a few 'golden rules' which we think has led to the continued success of the site:

  • No Fake Policy - We have a strict policy that every picture on the site and our forums is genuine. Very occasionally, a well produced fraud finds it's way on but is always quickly removed. More than anything else.. we've made our reputation on being fake picture free.
  • No Porn - Because we're fake free and we don't feature porn stars.. the pictures on the site are suitable for all. There is nudity.. but as the pictures are from magazines, tv, movies and newspapers, it's nudity you find everywhere.
  • Quality pictures - Although the quality of pictures depends on their original source, and we will feature a poor quality picture if it's a great picture.. we don't ruin the pictures by covering them with our address.
    To promote the site we DO place our logo on every picture we use but it's always placed in a position so as to not spoil the photo. Some sites plaster their address across the middle of the subject so it cannot be removed. We never do this.
  • Variety & Quantity - Because our pictures are supplied by you, our viewers.. we have a largest range of male celeb pics anywhere on the web. What you see on the galleries is actually only a small percentage of the pictures we collect. Check out the forums for literally thousands of pics.
  • No Spam - The banner ads on the homepage and the shopping links on the galleries pay for the site. We don't need pop-ups or spam emails so we don't use them. You get to view the pics without being bombarded with junk.

In the past we were featured on ITV2's "Pop Idol" for our pictures of Gareth Gates. We've been on Radio 1, in The Sun and various national magazines and brand-name websites. We've been nominated and won awards for best website in various gay magazines and sites.

Thank you to all who visit and support famousmales, but mainly to all who contribute pictures.
Virtually all the images here are supplied by our forum members. Huge thanks to all of them, but especially Baton, Casperfan, Pico, Blade2186, Calciofan2004, Telespy, BrettStewart and Mancscallylad.

If you've any questions about the site or any suggestions for features or celebs we could add, just drop us a line using the CONTACT US link at the top of the page.