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How do I get pictures removed?

Simply complete the contact form below. If you own copyright on an image and object to it being shown on our site we will aim to remove it within 24 hours of your request.

Why don't you email pictures to people?

Many thousands of people visit the site each month. It would be impossible to email requests to people.
If you visit our forums, there's a request section where you can ask for pictures and other members can post them for all to view
Where do you get all your pictures?

Almost all our pictures are from our forums. Members post pictures they have found from other websites, newspapers and magazines plus screengrabs from tv shows and movies.  
Why do you put your logo on other peoples pictures?

All pictures on our website contain our logo. The only exception are pictures from other websites or messageboards which kindly allow us to use their pictures.
The logo is simply to prevent other sites directly linking to pictures on this site, it does not imply that we own the image in any way or form. If you have copyright on a picture on this site and object to our logo being used in this way, contact us with details.
When will you update the site?

We aim to add new pictures at least once a month. Our twitter and facebook updates will tell you when we update the site.
Our forums are updated with new pictures almost every minute of every day.

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